Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Immortal Jellyfish #38

Immortal Jellyfish #38

The lady is a vampire,
solitude of the empty wall,
I fill it with paint.

It is a fundamental illusion,
your orange shirt and tiny breasts,
I give another woman your chocolate.

You are fascinated by how I investigate the object,
I do not wish to merely take note
of the path of our individual reflections.

Looking for the simplest and shortest way,
you place your name upon my method,
we are becoming detached.

How I long to discover your center,
we shall allow ourselves to be led,
giving away the practical guidance.

I hear laughter in the spaces between your words,
whether to be absorbed into one of your members,
a beholding of the world.

It is because of the romantics,
approaching the meaning we are familiar with,
the view out your window makes me complete.

I am not simply retained in your memory
like a present wrapped with a colorful bow,
I am a matter of your coherent conviction.
A mixture of superstition and knowledge,
tying the rope between the poles of foreboding,
as life-experience, power, and character.

You want to formally connect your thoughts,
to stitch them together like Methuselah,
binding the wind to the water.

Immortal Jellyfish #37

Immortal Jellyfish #37

You are so sexy with your butterscotch kisses,
wanting to learn about love and loss
as our lives intersect in interesting ways.

All of my voices speak to you
with the glowing appeal of a high summer dream,
we are tempted by the hour’s length.

I am the morrow in your bones,
building for you more red blood cells,
calling creatures what they are.

It was the breath and voice that gave you life,
I into you like a magic word,
pulling all the pieces together.

Together we are reminded of great things,
that vision that pushed us on,
our toes dangling in the water.

I never learned about being human from your machines,
I once had human teachers,
now I’m on the train to Shanghi.

I am looking for a Polaroid,
in a really cool place,
cakes and coffee on tables.

Living in the gallery,
it is all black and white to me,
I cannot see your colors.

The trains have feelings
and I break them all,
I can’t get enough of your Six 80s.

It is one on one,
introducing me to the Spice girls,
I had a man child.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Immortal Jellyfish #33

Immortal Jellyfish #33

There is so much excess between our lives,
we had a crazy dream that no one believed in, but us,
to live like dangerous people in a dangerous land.

We started to see only ourselves, for the first time,
to be so real among the roses and the thorns,
communicating with others.

I have nothing and want everything,
but, it is not material things that I want,
I want that which I cannot buy.

Translating the human side,
we once lived in the middle of garbage,
you helped me more than I could help you.

I gave you a piece of my soul
and you cherished more than I could ever imagine
I can give you more because I am bigger than you can see.

I have known since I was small
that there was something that was so big inside me
that could never ever be measured.
All the people that push and pull,
wanting it to be like the movies,
rolling up the street with cement hands.

Tipped off by your FBI pals,
satisfying your naked lusts for truths,
you are a degenerate vivisectionist.

Working on your desecration and exploitation,
skills that you portray on youtube,
this is not your fate but your public policy.

You went there and found it to be too small,
wanting to disappear instead of being found,
a completely different story.

Going eight miles an hour,
always coming in from Vietnam,
the voices have gone away.

Immortal Jellyfish #32

Immortal Jellyfish #32

Come here and get your hands dirty,
drinking the champagne from the bottle,
green bottles with green eyes.

They tell me they are jealous,
of the fires on the night sky,
the two of us dancing together.

It is about the life blood,
how you collect it in a jar,
and on sad days we drink.

To wear the pointy shoes of the middle class
and read your magazines of pride
I have no room in my heart for prejudice.

Beautiful scenery with a lake and man fishing,
the moment when one thing turns into another,
that is the beauty that we cannot replicate.

I saw the tears fall down your cheek
as you said that you didn’t want to be here,
I offer you a love that is beyond dreams.

The things you throw away,
they are so charming,
as far as you can see.

We lose the scale,
they died from drug trafficking,
the rain stains the wall.

I was never ashamed of being poor,
I told them you were younger than you are,
we are bonded by this lie.

Throwing up little pieces,
Watching the death creep in through the window,
it was so white and horrific.

The little ant crawling across the face,
so beautiful and so delicate,
you don’t want to go back.

If we shake them up and make them see something else,
they are never as fragile as you imagined,
one way or another, another reality.

Immortal Jellyfish #22

Immortal Jellyfish #22

It is the words of hurt that you cherish,
they have become like your children,
feeding and clothing them.

Inside them you place your hopes and dreams
and the nightmare of an irrational person,
you have become such a hard sell.

Your scars you have turned into ribbons and badges,
that scar above your right eye
where the beer bottle cut you.

It is always a fight or a fuck for you,
there are no more empty spaces inside your heart,
no room to fit a Buddha or a baby Jesus.

Certainly no room for me inside that dark place,
it takes big shoulders to hold up such a weight,
a world of that refuses to accept reality.

You want things to be made easy for you,
easier than in the movies,
big piles of money that you hide in books and stack in the corner.

They come around you barking like dogs,
drinking the milk that you pour into little bowls,
you pet them of the head and call them hope and belief.

Immortal Jellyfish #21

Immortal Jellyfish #21

I feel like a hunted animal,
looking out into the darkness,
adding to the anguish of the cornered.

These matters of life and death as they sit high upon a hill,
connecting the inside with the outside, lies the abyss,
you prepare yourself with shudders of awe.

Prepared to stay in the background and to blend in,
being picked up on the road hitchhiking,
thinking effectively on your feet.

It was an escape, lunging out the window,
broken glass and gunshots in the dark,
your heart beating faster and faster.

For the past week I have been working on taming you,
you have hair coming out of your head,
having been hanged for such a fate.

You stood quiet as a lump,
while I hammered at your feet,
the last in the first days.

I wished you continued success,
better off than before,
the circus is in town.

Running a hand through your unruly hair,
if you don’t like the way then move out of the way,
just a little more than a showman.