Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kill, kill, kill, he says it’s only pretend, make-believe. But, I know better, he wants me to destroy the lives of others. It is not very complicated and certainly not based on some noble agenda as he would make one believe. It is based on some maniacal hatred of human life. I’m sure Rocky wants to destroy the world and everything in it. Somehow, his plan involves me. He says he needs my participation. Of course he will give you the standard assurances that such accusations are far from the truth and that he only has love and compassion for his fellow human beings. But, these are only a bunch more of his well convoluted lies. I know Rocky Duabbe and I know the truth about him. No one knows him as well as I do.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

They would lose control of their extremities. Their bodies would deny their authority to command movement and action. They were bound by this almost physical force that denied them of their freedom. The freedom of movement became a luxury that they couldn’t afford. They watched as he came closer, his nasty breath in their face. They could feel his spittle as it sprayed on their face. He spoke, but his words were incomprehensible. Then he would bring the pain, the inevitable pain. He would make it seem like a lifetime, an eternity. The pain was like a gathering of stones piled high upon a hill. The pain was the wages of a fool’s folly.

If ... one who is of age has renounced his impending torment ... then let him be washed and anointed with Chrism according to the accepted Rite. And when the Liturgy is celebrated, let him be counted worthy of the Holy Things, occupying himself in Church and the Liturgy, as them that are baptized ...[11]