Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rejecting the Objective

Rejecting the Objective

Blind, withered, and temporal
Fear likens
Spreading fever
Frosted over
A lump in the throat
Wanton temptation
God’s dichotomy
Killing the fatted lamb
Damn lies
The rumor
Civilized animal
Lips of porcelain
Clacking tongue
Afterbirth drain
Totem pole
Blood clotted lung

Monday, April 23, 2012

Destroying Meaning and Truth

Destroying Meaning and Truth

Inarguable posture
On a thin blunted ground
Apparent muddle?

Barely articulate
Ill connected and capped
Donning said brow

And off to the fishes
Chief begetter
Something picayune

Chief treats
Prime mover

Flown over the radar
Duck and cover
Shoes untied

Pushed away
Yellowed stain of nicotine
Toured fingers

Scrub the floor
Wash the blood off the door
Passes over me

This temporary space

This temporary space

A tribute to the Minotaur

The cosmos retracts
From your joy

There is blood on my stereo
Spins me right round

And rings
A bell

The bell
Ringing in my ears

Did you order this
Fleeting life?

Was it on the menu?
Or did the waiter recommend?

Carhops and room service
Recruiting Valera
For skates and carrying trays

Unlistenable silence
Our ears pressed up against the door

Thinking out all the angles
You know her,
Ha ha ha