Friday, August 5, 2011

she wants to fuck my pluralistic universe
all the little movements never build up to a revolution
her talk is all bursting veins
trying to plug up the holes as she bleeds on my floor
I covered her words for her
I built a fence around her
and worshiped her golden calf
making her bloom
she turns her petals toward the sun
her strange fingers feel at me
it is part if her skill set
her fingers want to know about my madness
they want to be entertained
I tell them that my madness is personal
they laugh when I tell them this
if it wasn't for their laughing, I would have killed them
they are setting bombs off again
even still they are all a bunch of posers
Grabbing at their crotches
They don’t want to play with me anymore
I play too hard for them
I play with a garden shovel
And I play with a bloody saw
And I’m a real fucking cutup
The burning bush is in our minds
it sure the fuck is in my mind
it speaks to me
I never thought I would live like this
She is filled with dirt
no, she is covered with dirt
her mother wouldn't even recognize her
Makes her home with the roaches
a souless angel
it is better for her in the next world
She was ready made for me
I could have found a million just like her
Shaving her pubs
polished finger nails
perfect hair
I touch her with gloves
A flower for her crotch
She was packing her bags
She wanted to go away with me
Go far away
She stood there staring at something very large
I have a protective shield that surrounds me
She became trapped in my magnetic field
It was an imminent catastrophe
Power fluctuations between cosmos and the abyss
Nothing like this is temporary
I am powerful enough to do the job
To fry her electric grid
scrubbing her every where I touched her
I am driving my Buick out on airline highway
we are watching the stars and the clowns
we are drinking tall boys
I am thinking about madness
it's relationship to my life
we talk about suicide for hours in the darkness
imagining what it would be like to be dead
back then, our thinking was so limited
thinking everything is black and white
our retinas could not recognize the gray areas
we took the insides out of the black beauties
and snorted it up our noses
we snorted the destruction of the world up our noses
we thought it was coming real soon
maybe the world is already destroyed
and we are too stupid to recognize it