Friday, July 30, 2010

Domesticated horse

Domesticated horse

Very murdered path
By the time I’m done
Make the steam
Hot the bath
Rub along the tub
Bare whirls out
A hopeful deliberation
Yes, dipped and perfection
Total infused
Each day
A plan
A way of feeling
Around the rock of time
Smothered by the fast
No matter when
Or how
Wound the cloud
Drape this over
And listen
We are both
Here and now
Run the hellish howls
And be free
Once more

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eight wooden throwing spears

Eight wooden throwing spears

Sitting on thoughts
That bends but never break
Sudden fresh pace
Typical and primal
Remain on the platform
Just a little longer
All this philosophy
Coming out of your ears
Like ringlets
Tossed into the foam
Discovered liar in you
Deeper unable up
Exit the shadowed form
The never loved you
Float the resistant boat
Into the changed whistle
The loyal bond
Of demented harbor
Must each same
Each round goblet
Humble modern dead
Cold and wet
Incoming kick
Silent wasted chime
Crash against
Bleed the reason
The hallowed rent
Of unknown beaming
A little more
And the day comes to a close
A long way down
Victim us all

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puffy Atlas Kiss

Puffy Atlas Kiss

Slim white wicked
Talons of steel
Sweeps the burning you
The abandoned numbness
Misty ritual
A starry-eyed promise
Doing and feeling
All at once
Avoid the cost
The dimness grows
Cobwebs gather
The stone seeks out
The moss
No puffed up probe
No wither
Slithered abode
Reckon with the tongs
Brackish blued symbol
Nothing left to rattle
Ashen dream of muse
Assault the modern
Inhale the clattered stream
The bolting abhorrer
Hasty imperfect yawn
Losing myself
One step at a time
In the dreams of Yahweh
Upright stolen reed
Fornicated snake

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

suffered all the furies

Suffered All the Furies

muttering between teeth
her notes always flat
never sharp
nothing holds fast
eating me alive
tearing me apart
by rack and torture
roasting me little by little
suffered slings and arrows
in the name of duty and religion
crashing into the barriers
alive and teeming
streaming pugnacious
the magic talisman
too supple
the resistance has been beaten out of you
you know that all heroes will be shot
in the name of liberty
as the sun rises over the mountains
this rubble we call home
where the ignorant rule
the brave worry about their numbers
their contracts
their publicity campaigns
shaking like the naked in the wind
afraid of their shadows
concocting schemes to defraud the public
marching over your red coat
as it lays in total disregard
climbing into a minimalist speech
the first line of hallway banter
lost to the forgotten question
that never left your lips

Monday, July 26, 2010

all over my garden

All Over My Garden

The smile that illuminates
My heart of darkness
Like the crack
In the pavement
The rust stain in the sink
A course brush
Against my skin
It is not soft and pliable
It is hard and unmoving
Standing out in the rain
While everyone laughs
Seeing the last breath
Escape into eternity
She’s a daylight naked ninja
Sipping on her scotch
Behind her pink shades
The thoughts of grandeur
Laugh about the abduction
Remember your lines
And things will go well

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You step into the Void

You Step Into the Void

your steps are electric
each step a blue brilliance
something of eternity
you are tempted by the worm
he knows the razor sunrise
when you pray with tainted lips
banging around in the dark
the blue stare of those lips
watching me move
grabbing and shaking me
calling out my name
the slight flicker
and the moment arrives
a white cloud of expression
stirring the desire
you retrieve love’s sting
asking in a small voice
coaxing down the reed
gathering the respectful distance
unfolding, simply unfolding
swaying and blurring
onto the trolley
it rolls us along
and you whisper
something from a sacred text

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Grim Brothers

Your Grim Brothers

a three headed doll
stirring space with milking cows
in groups of four
brimming with broken down
selling you the milk
gone with the falling rain
shades, shoes, and suntan lotion
living the legend
too many book covers
the bleeder ink
and stains of injustice
played in my own
it’s for the suckers
exposed by your primitive behavior
living inside your life-force
giving four o’clock tours
through black dawn window
no divine interventions
sunset plow
leave them in the fields
they can have each other
ignorance is still there
even if we can’t see it
it finds behind the trees
we are lost and stone
lost again

Friday, July 16, 2010

Canceled Row of Fades

lies to kid themselves
covered brown stain
god’s flat stick
a roll of rusty nickels
falling slower
all over the floor
you gonna crucify
pills hard to swallow
a double dose fit
bends over brushes
the electrodes smile
swelling up and rattling
hands nailed out
floating over the controls
a dial for each life
schematic drawings and equations
a dusty bottom teeter
counterpoint and nemesis
a hammer instead of a bomb
letting loose the wild animal
the carnival barker shouts
and chops away
at the meat on the table
hisses and spits
the devil is always hard to kill
seeing visions
of heaven and hell
smoke on the horizon
eyes aimed full bore
bouncing against the walls
even before departure
last saw month ago
in a bad way then
far ahead of the crowd
standing out angry
burn the luminous
bunched in on self
losing the plot
out of control
a concealed pain
something come loose
sliding around
killing me
a void of repetition
attacking with fervor
a web of habits